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Last week, in Mississippi working with an Insurance group all day, we got to talking about courageous conversations. You know, those ones that take tons of courage yet can be transformative when they occur.


One man (I’m guessing mid-50’s) got present to his estranged relationship with his parents and with tears welling up in his eyes said to me he was going to call them apologize for his part and let them know he loves them. I asked when. He said tomorrow.


I asked if he had a phone and if they were home. He said yes. I suggested he do it now rather than later. Thinking (over analyzing) can get in the way of action and his heart was open, so no time like the present. He did, and 5 minutes later when he returned I asked him to share his experience with the group and it blew them away. They had been estranged for years and both sides were waiting for the other side in resentment and this courageous man made one bold, sincere statement… I’m sorry, I love you…. and his sharing with the group today was the best, most transformative part of the day…. for all of us!


What could you accomplish in 20 seconds of bold, courageous, conversation? Think about the people in your life. Think about the decision to say firmly yes or firmly no. Think about the person you’ve been thinking of calling but haven’t in years. 20 seconds is all it could take.