Motivational Speaker Craig Zablocki

When I really get that the obstacles to my well-being are learned, then and only then can those obstacles be unlearned.”


Craig is a nationally recognized goof ball and speaker who has shared his message of “lightening up” and “reclaiming our natural spontaneity” with groups across industries, in all 50 states and abroad.

Described as a “chiropractor for the soul”, Craig does more than just tailor his programs… he rolls up his sleeves and works in the audience, where unexpected magic brings real change.

Since 1992, Craig has profoundly impacted over 1 million people, taught authentic communication to cops and gang members, surgeons and school superintendents, lawyers and realtors. Craig has brought his Intelligence of Fun to sales executives, child-abuse-prevention specialists, farmers, New York executives, and hospice workers. He has championed university professors, federal prison workers, mental health specialists and the armed forces, by bringing his lion-hearted passion for sharing radical leadership, a collaborative spirit, and for finding one’s authentic voice, mission and joy!

He unravels us from our habitual ways of being and from the social conditioning that keeps us stuck; and he does it with humor and heart.

Craig offers a compassionate perspective to groups dealing with intense adversity, from post-combat soldiers to 911 victims to domestic violence and victim advocates. (First outside speaker to address Columbine HS students and staff after the tragedy).

As a single dad raising a young son, Craig climbed mountains with his son on his back, joined knitting circles with the playpen at his feet, and improvised bedtime stories and songs that still show up nearly 20 years later. Craig sees kiddos as his best teachers.

Here’s how his son describes his dad today: “My dad is a playful, funny guy with a generous heart who can’t admit defeat when I take him to the hoop, and I’m weary of sharing my burger, because his bites are massive…

Check this out:

U 97% word-of-mouth business
U Over 25 years speaking experience
U 86% of groups bring Craig back for more
U Spoken to over 1.2 million people
U Over 3,000 speaking engagements
U Rated in top 2% of top speakers in the country, by Society of Human Resource Managers
U Keynoted over 90 National Conferences
U Speaks to groups from 5 to 6,000
U Standing ovations 99% of time
U “Best of conference” 98% of time
U .0001% use of Power Point
U Hasn’t changed hairstyle in 23 years (bald)
U Experienced 373 chicken variations at keynote luncheon
U Knitted over 60 hats on airplanes
U Mastered upright sleeping in 72 airports