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Wow, I was just reading an article in USA Today, “Americans hate their work, even with perks,” that stated only 30% of employees are engaged and inspired at work. This was according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Report, which surveyed more than 150,000 full- and part-time workers during 2012. Almost 2 out of 10 are, as the Gallup CEO Jim Clifton said, “roaming the halls spreading discontent.” Wowsie!

The article goes on to say that “perks” like a ping pong table, free massages, etc. don’t really work to make employees happy in the long run. What really works is a culture of challenge, collaboration, and teamwork.

This makes sense. People want to be engaged, want to have fun, and want a challenge. (Don’t You?) When you take your kids to the playground, did they ever come up to you and say “I just want to watch the other kids play.” Probably not. We all want to participate. How about the birthday party? Is it really the elaborate food and gifts or is it in the activity where people get lit up?

How do we do that? Create collaboration. Give everyone a chance to contribute in significant ways. Share responsibility. Set a goal that is challenging. Reward people who don’t hold back. Create a culture of inspired work and fun.

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