BE a Verb!

Some years back, my assistant, Janice, said to me one morning, "Charles must be back at school." "How did you know?" I asked. "Because you're in the office," she said. Sure I pop in every once in a while during the summer, but for the most part I'm at speaking gigs...

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Humorous Educational Speaker

Some years ago, I spoke to 1800 Teachers who teach teachers. The ATE (Association of Teacher Educators) a group of mostly PHD professors of education. I started off the morning asking 900 of them who could paint a picture? Like usual, less than 5% of the audience...

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20 Seconds is All It Takes

Last week, in Mississippi working with an Insurance group all day, we got to talking about courageous conversations. You know, those ones that take tons of courage yet can be transformative when they occur.   One man (I'm guessing mid-50's) got present to his...

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The Unexpected

Sometimes the best part of speaking is when a cell phone goes off and I get to the person soon enough to answer the phone myself. With a clip on microphone I can put the earpiece up to the mic and the whole audience is privy to our conversation.   A while back,...

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