Craig's Blog

Why i do what I do. I have been speaking for almost 25 years and I frequently remind myself why I choose this profession and continue to do what I do. First of all, as a humorous motivational speaker I get the opportunity to facilitate a hour long keynote, a one day seminar, or an ongoing coaching client, and be apart of something that is bigger than me. That is the joy. I say facilitate, because for that brief time, I am the one in charge. I know no more and no less than the others in the room. We’re all in it together, and when we’re all 100% in, amazing things happen. It’s great to be apart of such a dynamic and honest process, where we just go for the truth. I learn something from every group i work with. It’s great to continue to learn and strive to see what gets in the way of more synergy, more collaboration, more success for the groups I work with.

In fact I was interviewed not long ago on a radio show and the guy was implying that I had some sort of expertise, that i was an expert in this or that, and I said, if I was ever an expert in something, it would be in not being an expert. I just believe that we are all geniuses with different qualities, that if we apply them to helping each other, could make this world a greater place for all the people in the world. I do what I do because I believe we can collectively solve these community, business, economic, and world problems with the creativity, passion, honesty, and openness that is just below where we are sometimes stuck.