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The same evening I was travelling to Minnesota to address a group of conference attendees, my buddy from the twin cities was flying into Denver to speak at a conference at the Denver convention center. We both have leadership keynotes that are funny, engaging and transforming so we joked that we should be each other the next morning and stay in our hometowns.

Half serious, we realized our mug shots were too different, (my buddy has hair) and best we haul our bags through security and high five somewhere over Nebraska at 32,000 ft. The more we talked about it, (I tell my friends I’m a professional traveler who happens to speak to large groups of people) we realized that most of our business was out of state. You come in on a plane and low and behold, you must be impressive.

As a Colorado keynote speaker who has had speeches in all 50 states, we’re going to work on a solution to this situation. As I head to the airport tomorrow, I’ll be thinking of all the speakers coming to Colorado, (there must be dozens) and wonder who’s coming here from Washington D.C., and does that dude look at all like me?