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Last week I spoke at the Colorado Press Association State Conference where the Colorado Legislators were invited for the luncheon as well as 6 students from Overland School who received an award for journalism.


It’s always fun to see how a different group of folks can change “the way we always do things around here.” Prior to the luncheon I met up with a couple students and their teachers in the lobby outside the ballroom where we formed an informal circle just chatting away. Before you knew it, we started some spontaneous games in the circle leading up to a rap circle. The energy was building and some of the journalists and legislators were drawn to the circle and we welcomed them in. (Although some refused the offer to join the fun as this isn’t such “normal” behavior at a professional conference.)


After lunch, during my speech, I asked for a volunteer to come up and help with an activity. “It’s going to be fun, you’ll be supported, and you’ll learn something new.” Of the 250 or so folks in the room, all the High School students’ hands went up but just a few other adult hands went up.


A “teachable moment” for sure. Here we are adult role models for these high school students and they are the ones willing to try something new. They are the ones that aren’t as self-conscious as we, they are willing to have fun, willing to get out of the box, and not so concerned about the outcome.


We adults also can have fun, not be so self-conscious, be spontaneous, take risks, learn more…. we just have to put our hand up.