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Heading to Florida to address our Nations Army Diversity leaders at their National conference. My brother is in the Air Force, so I have great appreciation for all the folks who serve in our armed services. I love speaking at diversity conferences because I love the idea that we all have things that we are good at. We all have strengths, talents, and unique ways of being that when joined together, can truly lead toward great synergy, creativity and awesome service towards the vision.

I look at it that we all are pretty darn awesome, we’ve been conditioned to hold back, judge others (ourselves primarily) and then separate ourselves from others not because of our differences, but because of the judgments we have.

I love that kids get it.

I had a job in Toronto a few months back and visited some schools before a conference I was speaking at. In one 3rd grade classroom (28 kids) I visited, there were 18 different nationalities. A kid from Somalia, a girl from Japan, two from Yemen. There was an Egyptian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Korea, and on. Diversity was the norm in that school, there was so much to learn from one another. What a cultural rich place, all the languages, the customs, the traditions, all working together. You should have seen the kids at play on the playground; I wish our world leaders could’ve seen those kids on that playground.

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