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Be More Engaged €“ With Family and Work

What a year! Been all over this country of ours with so many wonderful groups and really appreciate all the people I’ve met. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and hope that you have a wonderful holiday.

Engagement has been a huge topic the last few months. So many groups I’ve spoken to are asking about how we can get more involvement from our employees, how can they really show up and give it their all.

The research is clear that extrinsic motivators are not the answer in the long run. People want to feel like they are challenged, part of the mission, that their ideas matter, and that they are an integral part of the team.

My dear friends Wayne and Marcella got married ten years ago. I had been to many elaborate weddings over the years that had many Newsletter - December photo - blog “perks” –fancy this, extravagant that – but their wedding was the most enjoyable and memorable for most of us. What made it special was everyone was involved. It was potluck style, so everyone contributed to the food. The band was made up of family and friends.

The ceremony itself was a major collaboration. They wrote their own vows. Many people contributed, and one of the most memorable times was when anyone from the audience could say what they loved about Marcela and Wayne. It wasn’t like it was just them getting married; we all felt like a community and were all a part of the marriage. We weren’t just spectators, everyone was “on the field” and we knew that we all were called to bring our best to the wedding vs.. just sitting back and watching. We all had fun, we all contributed, and we were all engaged. Here’s the irony. They spent less than $800 on their wedding.

The wedding is a lesson for all organizations. Create collaboration. Give everyone a chance to contribute in significant ways. Share responsibility. Set a goal that is challenging. Reward people who don’t hold back. Create a culture of inspired work and fun.