Healthcare Speaker

As Healthcare Professionals, you deal with matters of urgency from every direction – budget constraints, under-staffing, compliance, burn-out, and the pace of medicine… not to mention the patient down the hall on their call button.

For 25 years, Craig has been the right prescription for hundreds of healthcare groups. From Physician Associations to hospital systems, from pre-natal and palliative care, to the Mayo Clinic – the experiences that healthcare workers get with Craig make a profound difference in achieving the mission of their Organizations. Craig does this in a fun, interactive way with loads of laughter. As you know, laughter is the best medicine!

Rave Reviews:

“Remarkable! We got more insight and tools in 90 minutes then a dozen books on teamwork, creativity and leadership. Your strategies are masterful!”
Joseph Scott, CEO, Jersey City Medical Center

“In two hours, you accomplished more than I could have in two years.”
Jan Bodily, CEO, Four Corners Health

“I measure all speakers against Craig! His message is perfectly suited for the medical community. Craig left us with the clear path for taking yourselves lightly and our work seriously!”
Randi Michael, Project Director at DNV GL (Hospital Accreditation Agency)

“Fabulous! Your presentation on Creativity was off the charts… and we use lots of charts. Tons of take-aways!”
Marilyn Starrett, Strategic Communications Dir., Kaiser Permanente

“The highlight! A humorist discussing Public Health and Cancer? We were cautious… but you more than delivered!”
Kevin Bradley, Senior Admin. Assist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Craig has worked with hundreds of Healthcare Organizations including:

Mayo clinic
Pinnacle Health
National Breastfeeding Conference
Long-term Health Associations (12 states)
Kaiser Permanente
UnitedHealth Group
Jersey City Medical Center
National WIC (Women Infant and Children)
LHP Hospital Group
Oncology Nursing Society
Association of Health Facilities