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How rare is it that our whole planet is sharing a life-altering situation… together?

Holy Cannoli Guacamole! Is our world shaken up or what? And in all this chaos, there’s so many heroes in our midst…we’re all tapped to be courageous in our own way.

As you know, I point to all those wonderful qualities we had as kids. Tons of laughter, creativity, no worries, enthusiasm, total presence. Another big quality of kiddos…they are emotionally honest. You know, they laugh when they’re happy and they cry when they’re sad.

I’m remembering when Charles’ little sister Maggie was a little kiddo and we all went to the mountains with out tubes. The first look down the steep slope was daunting at first , even for the older kids. Our first run down the hill was scary.

What made it less scary was that we were hanging onto each other’s inner tubes. We made it down together! And once we had the wind in our faces, Maggie let out a high-pitched scream that continued all the way down the mountain. She was having a blast, and we all laughed the whole way down. It was fun and we were in it together!

I don’t know about you, but the lack of connection during these days of “stay at home”, has been hard. But when I reach out to let someone else know that they are not alone, I feel better too. You’re not alone.

Mother Theresa was asked in an interview, “How can we best help?” She replied, “If you really want to help, go out and find someone who thinks they are alone, and convince them that they are not.”

We want to stay connected. Let us know how we can help.