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I had the pleasure of speaking at the convention of the Alaska Telecom Association in Kauai, Hawaii last week; while Denver was in a blizzard 😉

My task was to help the Alaska Telecom folks adjust and embrace all of the change they must deal with daily-while adding a touch of humor to get across this important message. How did I do this?

Pointing out in a humorous way how stuck we as humans can be. We have all of these great devices to help us communicate but there is no substitute for the compassion and understanding that we as human bring to the table.

The morning consisted of a kick off keynote presentation on Changing Times Demand Innovation! We make warp speed changes in out technology but when it comes to conveying simple messages to our fellow workers and clients….we act like were still in the stone age-does this sound familiar? We had great audience participation-a hallmark of my presentations. The goal is for the audiences not to feel self conscious but to freely express what’s really on their minds and to offer up solutions to make relationships better and communicate more effectively.Thanks for all of the great audience participation!