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Cutbacks, more work, and many challenges for educators students across the country. Teachers are great. They do their best with what they have and sometimes their job can be overwhelming. A teacher spoke of her perception that kids aren’t motivated. Can we all relate as teachers and parents? I have used “the work” of Byron Katie for the last few years, it has helped me deal with my stressful thoughts. Because, what we believe, becomes our reality. So I took this teacher through the four questions that Byron Katie developed, I asked her:

“Students are not motivated, is that true?” “Yes,” she said. Question two: “Students are unmotivated, can you absolutely know that is true?”, she paused, and said, “Yea, sure”.

Next question. “How do you react when you believe the thought, students are not motivated?” (This is the question, if we stay with it and really look at what happens when we believe this thought, will bring insight.) She responded, “I get mad, I get frustrated, I feel like I’m spinning my wheels, I feel like who cares if they don’t care,” then she said “I LOOSE MY MOTIVATION TO TEACH”. A good insight to see. When she believes the thought Students aren’t motivated, she becomes unmotivated. Then I asked her the last question,

“Who would you be without the thought?” She paused and said, “Peaceful”. Then I asked her to close her eyes and visualize her class of students without the thought they are unmotivated, and what do you see? “Great kids, that I really care about”. In that moment, she shifted her perspective and actually became motivated to motivate them. She questioned the thought that was making her unmotivated. Check out to learn the process.

I see how I can judge the judgmental people, get angry at people who are angry, and pick on the pick on-ers and when I can see it, I can make another choice.