Education Speaker

Ok… so our educational system has challenges… innumerable challenges and constraints. The pain of these problems can make a person wonder if they are even making a difference.

Ironically, the solution is not about learning… It’s about unlearning. It’s about coming back to the intrinsic qualities that brought a person to serve in education to begin with.

Craig is one of the most highly sought after speakers in Education. He has a background in inner-city teaching, improv theater and 25 years speaking in all 50 states to hundreds of school districts and educator associations.

Craig is fun, innovative, highly engaging and non-power pointed. He will have your group on fire with mission, purpose and creative inspiration, along with very practical ways to be all in!

Rave Reviews:

“Just what the doctor ordered. You started the healing. Love you!”
Frank DeAngelis, Principal, Columbine High School

“Awesome! Our 1,800 professors loved your message. Your direct engagement with us was the perfect demonstration that education is changing!”
Ed Pultorak, Ph.D., President, Assoc. of Teacher Educators

“From your perspective, to your message, your humanity and your creativity — you have set the benchmark for all our future professional speakers.”
Michael J. Martin, Executive Director, National Assoc. for Pupil Transportation

“WOW… and it’s our STUDENTS that will benefit the most!”
Linda Olson, Department of Education

“It took me 20 minutes to put my make-up back on following your presentation. Hilariously fun!”
Barbara Day, Director, Board of Cooperative Ed Services, CA

“Your capacity to connect with our large group of culturally diverse teens was off the chart! Excellent, thoughtful and motivating messages!”
Kelvin W. Davis, Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

From superintendents to students,

from pupil transportation to professors and teachers, Craig has addressed hundreds of school districts, universities, state associations, and these national associations:

American Teacher Educators Association
National School Nutrition Association
National Teacher Educators Association
National Principals Association
National School Transportation Association
National Future Farmers of America
National Future Business Leaders of America
National Experiential Education Association
National School Superintendents Association
National Magnet Schools
National Career and Technology Association
National School Resource Officers
National Head Start