Non-Profits / Advocacy Speaker

Every once in a while, a speaker comes along whose personal experience in life matches up with the call for empathy in loss, abuse, and victimhood. Craig Zablocki is one of those speakers. When you experience real empathy and relatability – whether you serve victims’ advocacy or other sectors of the nonprofit world – you know that genuine credibility is present.

In your mission to serve, Craig understands how your devotion can turn to defeat, and your passion can turn to burn-out. His lion-hearted approach, hilarity, and simple tools bring reprieve filled with laughter, a reminder of the great mission you are on, and a huge brightening of perspective.

Rave Reviews:

“Spellbound… all 600 of us!”
Kenya Johnson, National Child Welfare Conference

“Craig is the BEST I’ve ever heard! Usually we have a Hollywood celeb do the honors. Craig gave us more!”
Betty White, actress, at Morris Animal Foundation Benefit

“We can’t overstate the absolute success of your presentation. Your authenticity in working with our 600+ family members, unlike anything I’ve seen in 19 years of seminars. Your unique mix of humor, empathy and your own story was perfect! The world needs your medicine!”
Suzie Sawyer, Executive Director, National Concerns of Police Survivor

Ann Johnson, National Prevent Child Abuse America

“Best speaker we’ve had! Everyone’s on fire to make a bigger difference!”
Robert Lee, Dir., National W.I.C. Association (Women, Infants and Children)

Some of the many Non-Profits Craig has championed:

National Concerns of Police Survivors
National Breast Feeding Conference
National Victim Advocates
Nonprofit Connect
Sierra Club
Prevent Child Abuse America
National Public Radio
National PTA
Child Welfare
Heartland for Children
Alliance for Drug Free Youth
American Red Cross
Girl Scouts of America
National FFA
Dozens of Child Advocacy Conferences
Department of Public Health and Human Services