Craig's Blog

The humorous motivational speaker found myself in North Dakota speaking to the North Dakota Water Users Association. Thanks again for your hospitality and warm reception. Some audiences are not sure what to expect from a humorous motivational speaker and audiences can be a little tentative at first-not this audience! They welcomed me and were ready to participate from the get go!


We explored what it was like when we were children and how we had the laughter, the creativity and that tremendous enthusisam. Come on, every adult remembers those times very vividly; we just need an occasional reminder.


Adults in the workplace today have a pretty full plate. It seems there is more stress, less time and lack of resources to get the job done. Today, we really need to remind ourselves to find humor in our every day lives as these grown up adults doing serious work-it can be done!


I once heard someone say that the healing doesn’t begin….until the laughter starts! Sometimes we have to unlearn so we can once again let those childhood qualities shine through. We also have to remind ourselves to get comfortable with embarrassment. If we are in the game and giving 100% there will be times that we fail, but let’s not turn that into embarrassment and resist trying again. The child in us wants to learn and improve, not be forced into complacency by embarrassment.


We had a great meeting and as a motivational speaker it was my pleasure to have this audience remeber the best traits of childhood and use the tools we covered in this workshop to move forward and be productive and laugh along the way!