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I love people in North Dakota. Every time I fly to Bismarck, life seems to get simple all of a sudden. The largest event center is the Ramkota Inn, which I bet money on, is the only place in America you can get a Rueben delivered to your room for under $10, including a drink and service charge.

All of a sudden I feel like time slows down a bit. The snow, the cold, the slowness of winter. The meeting planner, someone that within 60 seconds you’ve got them pegged€¦.genuine. The audience, taking their time to sit down, enjoying the conversation with a friend, no need for the double shot, latte vintee with caramel€¦just the regular Ramkota black, right from the large silver bin. Mostly Farmers and Ranchers, with calluses that go back decades. Faces looking relaxed, quite a contrast from the real estate group from Chicago.

There wasn’t a frenzy of posturing, they were polite, but not so to look good or in a people pleasing way, polite because that’s what seems normal. But most of all there was such a sense of humbleness, not in a shy introverted way, in a way that seemed to say, we’re all in this together, life is about helping others, working hard, and appreciating each day. Last night I had a chance to hear some stories from a handful of ranchers about life, about love, about loss. Today I looked out in the audience and only wished I could hear all the other stories, from all 300 of them.

Maybe next time.