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I just got back from making a presentation in San Diego for a franchising company called The Little Gym. For being eight o’clock on a Sunday morning these folks were the following: Totally alive (no holding back). Totally engaged (100% or nothing). Totally willing (Sure, I’ll try something new). Totally fun and fun-loving (just obvious). Totally dedicated to learning (Of course we don’t have all the answers). Totally emotional (We laughed and cried). They were just….. totally present.

WHY were they so totally like that?
Maybe it’s because they work with kids and they (for the most part) love what they do. They are surrounded every day by those “kid-qualities” because every day they hold programs for four month olds (parent /child) to 12 year olds that are created around movement, citizenship, and brain development.

Kids already have all those qualities – they’re joyfully alive, engaged, willing, and fun-loving, But they are also intentional about it.

I love The Little Gym’s tag line. Are you ready? The Little Gym – Serious Fun

Are you kidding? I have worked with hundreds of companies and organizations over the years and this is the first tag line (mission statement, and value statement) that says it all. Serious Fun.

What if your organization adopted a more intentional approach to serious fun? I’m not talking about clown noses and distractive YouTubes about funny cats. I’m not talking about a beer tap in the employee lounge. I’m talking about getting creative around what you do and make whatever it is you do – fun.

Fun is when your employees are alive, engaged, willing, fun-loving, not self conscious and totally present.

Fun is hard work.
Fun is contagious.
Fun is good for morale.
Fun is good for business.

My son Charles (17) just got back from a Rugby Game. He was tired. He had bruises. He had 3-hour intense practices all week to prepare. It was hot. It was exhausting.

But oh my, those boys. THEY. HAD. FUN!

If your organization can use more fun, and you want to see how fun can increase your bottom line – give us a call (303.8307996)!