Craig's Blog

My wonderful assistant, Janice, said to me the other morning, “Charles must be back at school.”


“How did you know?” I asked.


“Because you’re in the office,” she said.


Sure I pop in every once in a while during the summer, but for the most part I’m at speaking gigs and then doing stuff with my son and others. It’s so much easier hanging out with people that like to DO stuff vs. talking about doing stuff. Kids spend very little time talking about doing stuff, they are just doing.


When my son was younger at the playground, he would never come up to me and ask if he could sit on the bench and watch the other kids play. Kids are always on the field. They are constantly participating. They don’t spend a lot of time talking about playing, they just play. We however, spend much of our time talking about doing something vs. just doing it.


There are big distinctions between the way kids “behave” and adults “talk” about doing things. Kids are more like verbs – playing, running, laughing, eating, painting, crying, digging, and creating. We adults should follow the kids set – “do” more and “talk” less!


Where in your life can you start doing stuff vs. talking about doing stuff? I mean, besides bugging your assistant.


The true fun in life is when we’re participating.