Associations Speaker

If you are looking for a canned, predictable, power-pointed keynote for your association, you want to look elsewhere. Craig is not that.

We know that when you want a keynote speaker for your Association’s conference, you want entertainment. But you also want more – you want depth, relatability, and you want tangible takeaways.

Described as a combination of Robin Williams and Wayne Dyer, Craig’s energy is contagious and his message is transformational! Be ready for lots of laughs, great insights, and a speech that will move your members to action immediately.

What do you think when you hear about a speaker that has been voted in the top 2% out of 150 best international speakers at the SHRM national conference – two years in a row, with over 15,000 voting attendees?

You don’t need a “big name” celebrity. You need the best.

Rave Reviews:

“A perfect 10! You made me look like a genius for hiring you! Never seen a tough crowd of financial executives engage and laugh more.”
Patricia Shinko, American Food Marketing Institute

“Most Keynoters are either strictly for the message (boring), or strictly for the humor (empty). You masterfully combined both, and became truly our best keynoter ever for our crowd of 400 engineers.”
Pete Sheridan, Florida Engineering Society

“Craig was the best National 4-H presenter in 20 yrs, asking us to reach higher, and giving us practical tools to do it!”
Melissa Oliver Barton, National 4-H

“Best ever! Not a stiff upper lip or dry eye in the place.”
Charles Burkell, National Firefighter’s Association

“Unbelievable, funny, intelligent… I’ve never seen members so involved with a speaker!”
Janet Breezier, National Business Aviation Association

“Your capacity to connect with our large group of culturally diverse teens was off the chart! Excellent, thoughtful and motivating messages!”
Kelvin W. Davis, Director, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

“As someone in charge of a National Conference with 1,500 in attendance… you made me look like a hero! Everyone is still raving!”
Jeff Collins, National Director, Post-secondary DECA

“25 years, best speaker ever! Awesome takeaways!”
Patty Kenny, National Farm Bureau

From IT, to farmers and lawyers,

from start-ups, to food service and educators, Craig has keynoted hundreds of state associations, and dozens of national associations, including:

National Society of Human Resources
National Restaurant Association
National Boys and Girls Clubs of America
National Financial Planners Association
National State Legislatures Association
National Society of CPAs
National Rural Electric Association
International Institute of Business Analysts
Ag Media Association
National Breast Feeding Conference (WIC)
National Workmen’s Comp Conference
National APWA (American Public Works Association)