Humorous Change Speaker

I had the pleasure of speaking at the convention of the Alaska Telecom Association in Kauai, Hawaii last week; while Denver was in a blizzard 😉 My task was to help the Alaska Telecom folks adjust and embrace all of the change they must deal with daily-while adding a...

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Motivational Speaker in Michigan

We've all heard about the very tough economic times in Michigan-high unemployment, loss of businesses and a high foreclosure rate of homes-a perfect opportunity for a motivational speaker!!   Well, I was brought in by RE/MAX of Michigan to lift spirits and...

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New Challenges

My 15 year old son Charles has played baseball for the last 10 years. He's good. He loves the game. Two weeks ago at the end of basketball season he said, "I want to try Rugby," and that happens to be the same season as baseball. I was curious, "What about...

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Humorous Speaker

Katrina, oil spills and the economy isn't slowing down the Louisiana Human Resource Association. The speech today was Humor and Creativity in the Workplace and we had a mega session on Radical Leadership. A great question asked in the later session was how is one to...

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Happy New Year!

I hope this finds you happy and well. The past year was a year of milestones. My son turned 15, my Mom turned 80, our speaking and training business is 20 years old, and I turned "half-way to 100." I spoke to many groups this past year, and look forward to many trips...

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The Tribulations of a Humorist

From Louisiana to Mississippi I spent the day in Mississippi with another great HR group. So I'm supposed to start the talk at 12:15, lunch is 11:45, and usually it works out better if people are pretty much finished with their meal because of the audience involvement...

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Educational Speaker

I'm looking forward to working with the Educators of "At Risk Students" in Illinois on Thursday. Instead of the term at risk, I use the phrase "highly creative" because in most cases these students are very creative but don't necessarily fit into the "way of learning"...

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