Group Power Conference

One fellow brought his teenage daughter to the speech this afternoon and she came up and volunteered for one of the activities. Because she was afraid of public speaking and came up anyway, I asked the audience what she was modeling for everyone in the room. They all...

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Colorado keynote speaker on the road

The same evening I was travelling to Minnesota to address a group of conference attendees, my buddy from the twin cities was flying into Denver to speak at a conference at the Denver convention center. We both have leadership keynotes that are funny, engaging and...

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Exploring Your Responses

On the train at the airport the other night, most of the travelers looked weary, tired, and drained, including me. We're stressed, darn it! We're tired and we just want to go home.   Then I glanced up at an elderly woman who was smiling... She was looking at a...

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Laughter for Change

So I spoke to a bunch of college bound high school seniors yesterday, and were they impressive. In many of my speeches I'll ask the audience, "How many of you are willing to come up for an activity, it will be fun, you'll be supported, and you will learn something...

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Motivational Speaker

When you hear the term "motivational speaker" it undoubtedly brings up a specific opinion in your mind.....doesn't it? We've all heard motivational speakers who take a portion of an event and frankly embellish it to death! How about the guy who almost made it to the...

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You Matter to Me

I appreciate you. As the assistant to the assistant basketball coach for my son's Basketball Team, I was getting frustrated. Our single "A" boys' basketball team has talent. We're winning games. For the first time in years, we have more wins than losses, and we...

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The Illinois “At Risk” Conference.

Cutbacks, more work, and many challenges for educators students across the country. Teachers are great. They do their best with what they have and sometimes their job can be overwhelming. A teacher spoke of her perception that kids aren't motivated. Can we all relate...

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