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Some years ago, my son, Charles, and I went camping and we had a blast! We hiked, swam in a river, built dams, jumped down piles of sand, fed alligators at an alligator farm, climbed rocks, whittled, rafted, buried people in the sand, got the people at the pool to play volleyball, taught a kid to fish, shared a meal with eight others, told stories at the campfire, made up three new car games, got a drum beat going in the car, built a bath at a hot springs, invented a game similar to Pictionary using raw rice, tried to spear fish, went to an alien sighting park, played tag, looked at stars, did the howling moon pee (howl when peeing in moonlight,) and made new friends.

The only thing that was on the agenda that weekend was camping. Everything else that happened… just happened. It is amazing what fun we can have when we’re open to what comes along and not have so many “agendas.”  When we truly have fun with what’s in front of us, with what we have, with who we’re with, and with what’s going on right now, with no expectations of “how it should be,” there is nothing to be disappointed about. Someone once said that expectations are preconceived resentments. It makes sense.

A great sage once said, Enlightenment is having no preferences.