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On the train at the airport the other night, most of the travelers looked weary, tired, and drained, including me. We’re stressed, darn it! We’re tired and we just want to go home.


Then I glanced up at an elderly woman who was smiling… She was looking at a man who was making faces and smiling at a baby. So I was smiling because the woman was smiling because the man was smiling because the baby was smiling. I wonder if anyone saw me.


Also this week, I was shopping and saw a mother yelling at her child to stop yelling. (Wow, maybe I’ll yell at her!) Noticing the inclination, I approached her and pointed out what she was doing and what I felt like doing. She kind of smiled. (Kind of)


TRY THIS: For an entire day, notice other people’s actions and emotions and watch what happens inside of you. Are you quick to judge? Do you need them to be happy for you to be happy? Do we react to harshness with more harshness? Just explore how you react in your body, then watch how you respond. It is about becoming aware.


Send me an e-mail to let me know how it goes