Craig's Blog

One fellow brought his teenage daughter to the speech this afternoon and she came up and volunteered for one of the activities. Because she was afraid of public speaking and came up anyway, I asked the audience what she was modeling for everyone in the room. They all said courage. She was afraid, but did it anyway. I love that. On the flight from Chicago to Orlando, there was a boy that was going to Disney with his family with the make a wish foundation. I watched his courage getting on and off the plane, I watched the courage of his parents with their high spirits. The cab driver to the hotel was from Haiti. He spoke of the courage of his brother and sister in Haiti, and how he sends them money. The cab driver back this afternoon was talking business with me. He paid $800 a week to “rent” the taxi, the economy is slow, and I asked him what day he takes off. “None,” he said I am inspired by courageous people!