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I frequently get a question about the differentiation between a motivational speaker and a humorous motivational speaker. Not to overstate the obvious, but the difference is incorporating meaningful humor into a presentation. It’s no secret that in today’s world audiences are very pressed for time and easily distracted. What’s the best way to break through this clutter and quickly engage audiences-use humor. Humor is the one universal element that allows a humorous speaker to engage an audience and deliver a powerful and persuasive message!


The trick is to use humor

that is unique to the audience. By that I mean maybe they have some inside humor or someone in a position of influence has given me permission to use them for a humorous story or situation. It goes without saying that permission must be granted before engaging an audience member in a humorous story or situation.

I’ve found that when delivering a motivational message to audiences; humor is a great way to engage the audience and allow them to fullly engage with me and the message being delivered. If your organization needs a humorous speaker that can have a lasting impact, please give us a call.