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I love that kids see the world fresh each day. They really don’t have all the labels and judgments we do.


I recall the time a second grade teacher was giving a lecture on diversity. She was showing pictures of families from different ethnic backgrounds. “Here is a Latino family, here is a Japanese American family, and here is an African American family.”


One of the boys jumped up and exclaimed, “Mrs. McKenzie, Mrs. McKenzie…. Henry is African American!” He was so excited!


This white boy and his best friend of five years, who was black, up to that point didn’t notice or care about the difference in skin color. Wow, we teach differences, don’t we?


It seems to me that ninety-nine percent of who we are (our bones, digestion, fears, wants, needs, mortality, etc.) is similar. It seems like we adults spend a lot of time talking about the one percent that is different.