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VULNERABILITY is the real power. AUTHENTICITY is the real way to be a leader of others and of yourself.

Fear. Ego. Worry. These three things block us from those qualities we all want – deep down – personally and professionally. It’s about letting go. It’s about SUBTRACTION NOT ADDITION.

This is not about more information. It’s really all about TRANSFORMATION.

Wisdom Wrapped in Humor

What Craig’s audiences learn gets used right away, gets passed on to others, gets results. Everyone leaves more connected to one another, more alive and having more fun.

Craig is one of the best prepared humorous motivational speakers available. He works closely with meeting planners to understand his audience’s needs, and then sculpts his message.

Audiences love Craig’s use of humor to open their minds, encourage laughter and facilitate meaningful change.


“A game-changer! I’ve hired Craig multiple times because he cracks us up, stirs the pot, and show us the way to be better at what we do.”

– Nick Bailey, CEO, Century 21

“WOW! ZAP! KAPOW! EGADS! HOLY MOLY! You left us all better people!”

– Bill Verkest, Dir., American Public Works Association

“Powerful! Hilarious! Long-lasting results! Craig is a real professional!”

– Medi Goker, V.P., Oracle Corporation

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Time to Lighten Up

“Laughter has merit as a medicinal tool…research suggests that the physiological mechanism of laughter appears to promote health .”
~ Dr. Stephen Sinatra, The HeartMD Institute

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Craig Zablocki

Craig has a unique ability to use connection, humor, and empathy as a catalyst for results.

The successful organization wants a culture of fun, is open to innovation, and they don’t want to ride on their laurels.

Craig’s clients are ready to have the status quo challenged, with lots of humor and a generous heart!


Craig Zablocki has spoken to over 900,000 people internationally and in all 50 states, from cops to gang members, from surgeons to school superintendents, from lawyers to Realtors.

He has addressed sales executives, child-abuse-prevention specialists, farmers, New York executives, hospice workers, college professors, federal prison workers, mental health specialists and the armed forces.

He will open your eyes to a unique message that transforms while it entertains.

The Intelligence of Fun

Fun is far more than what meets the eye. When we look inside someone who is having fun we see cresting waves of emotion, the fireworks going off in their brain and body, the golden threads connecting everyone to everything…

But explaining the intelligence of fun takes the fun out of it! Most important is recognizing the role that the intelligence of fun plays in creativity, productivity, and cooperation – and finding out how to recontact this intrinsic quality in your life, right now…

“The research data on the value of love, joy , humor, creativity, and companionship overwhelmingly support a context for the practice of medicine.”

– Hunter “Patch Adams” Campbell, M.D

“It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously.”

– Oscar Wilde

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world…”

– Albert Einstein

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